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Cynthia Banks


Cynthia Banks
Writer and director of the Caregivers' Club, a feature documentary about family dementia caregiving.


Cynthia Banks has written, produced and directed memorable, international, award-winning television documentaries for CBC, TVOntario, Discovery and NFB.  Banks’ documentaries are amongst some of the top-rated shows in Canadian prime time documentary programming. Her strengths are in strong story-telling and an ability to connect and draw out the emotion of her characters.

Reefer Riches continues to air on CBC and Over the Top, a short documentary, played at TISFF in 2017.  Apocalypse 2012 won a Platinum Remi Award for television directing at the 44th Houston Int’l Festival.  The Pagan Christ, based on Tom Harpur’s best-selling book, won the Golden Camera Award for best documentary at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival in California and the Platinum Remi Award at the 41st Houston International Film Festival. 

Customer (dis)Service and 10-7 for Life continue to sell around the world.  She was nominated for a Gemini for her direction on Hail of Bullets, the CBC’s Fifth Estate report on James Roszko's killing of four RCMP officers.

Her most recent documentary, The Caregivers’ Club began because of her experience caring for her father.  She wanted to profile the healthcare system but turned her attention to the true heroes, the at-home caregivers, who are the foundation of care, providing dignity for our people with the disease of dementia.  The film is dedicated to her mother, Phyllis Banks, loyal caregiver to her father, Donald.

More information is available on her website

I started this documentary because I was angry with the healthcare system, but I turned my attention to the true heroes, the at-home caregivers.
— Cynthia Banks, Writer and Director